National Rural Health Research and Training Centre (CNFRSR)


CNFRSR site localisation

CNFRSR site localisation

The center of Mafèrinyah was created on 16 November 1988. The Health Research and Training Center (CNFRSR) Jean SENECAL was opened under the auspices of the Guinean government with the assistance of the region of Bretagne (France), the French Cooperation Ministry, and local representations of both UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Main Objectives of CNFRSR

  • Provide preventive, curative and promotional Primary Health Care. This is why the Mafèrinyah centre has a health centre that works in accordance with national health policy based on primary health care.
  • Provide practical training to medical and pharmacy students as well other professionals from health schools.
  • Ensure the development through the continuous training of medical and paramedical staff in primary health care.
  • Undertake operational research and make recommendations in order to improve public health status.

Research Site Description

The centre is located in the village of Mafèrinyah, which covers an area of 500 km2 (in the Basse-Guinée region). It is 75 Km away from the capital, Conakry, and about 25 km away from both Coyah and Forécariah. Mafèrinyah is composed of seven seven rural districts (Mafèrinyah centre, Fandié, Béréiré bafila, Madinagbé, Maléah, Koket and Moribayah), which are also sub-divided into 41 sectors. [Beavogui et al.1996, Sylla et al., 1998]. Its population (30 000 inhabitants) depends mostly on agriculture and cattle breeding and there are 11 243 inhabitants who live in the city centre [Monitorage activités du centre de santé, 2006].

Guinea team

Guinea team


  • Dr. Abdoul Habib BEAVOGUI, MD, PhD (P.I locale)
  • Dr. Mamadou Malal DIALLO, MD, CES (Co – P.I)
  • Dr. Malick SYLLA,MD, CES (Physician/Researcher)
  • Dr. Saliou DIALLO, MD, (Physician/Researcher)
  • Ms Gnèpou CAMARA (Biologist/Researcher)
  • Mr. Moussa SYLLA (Biologist/Researcher)
  • Mr. Mohamed YATTARA (Biologist/Researcher)
  • Mr. David CAMARA (Biologist/Researcher)
  • Mr. Saliou SOW (Biologist/Researcher)

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